AirType: The Greatest Keyboard Never Invented

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AirType – In today’s world of Angel Investors and crowdsourced funding, it’s easier than ever for a company to take a revolutionary prototype to market and, hopefully, change the world while bathing in a sea of cash.

But, what if the product hasn’t even been invented yet?

No problem. Just make a killer YouTube video.

That seems to be the approach the people behind a proposed new keyboard, called the AirType, are taking as they ask the eternal question, “What if we didn’t need a keyboard to type?”

In truth, the problem has already been addressed with external technology that can “cast” a virtual keyboard right on a tabletop that looks just like the real thing, even if the tactile quality is lost.

And, tablets offer much the same option with an onscreen keyboard that is close to the same size and functionality as an external hardware device.

So, why do we even need the AirType?

Because, it’s neat.

In the “concept” video embedded below, the company shows what it would be like if the AirType already existed.

Using two ergonomically molded bands, which fit around the palms of a typist’s hands (and can be clipped on to a tablet for easy transport) the product frees the user from the necessity of looking at either a real or a virtual keyboard. It’s all in the fingers.

And, the imagination.

The unique aspect of this crowdfunding proposal is that the marketing strategy makes it seem, to the casual viewer, as though the AirType already exists in its most rudimentary form.

Whether or not the product gets the funding it’s looking for or not remains to be seen. But the approach to proposing a solution to an existing problem is novel and revolutionary in itself.

Someday, all we’ll have to do is think of a new invention, and it will become real.

On YouTube anyway…

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