Apple Launches CarPlay, the iPhone in a Dashboard

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Apple Launches Carplay

Apple Launches CarPlayApple is partnering with Volvo, Mercedes and Ferrari to give customers an iPhone in the dashboard of select 2014 models being unveiled this week. Kind of.

The system rolling out is called CarPlay and the user interface will be familiar to anyone who’s already got an iPhone 5, 5S or 5C on the lightning network, as having one is required gear.

That’s because, unlike other mobile phone dashboard equipment already available, CarPlay is not a standalone system. Only connecting compatible handsets will activate the features.

Some are already saying it’s just a ploy on Apple’s part to sell more phones, but more reviewers seem to agree it’s the next, logical extension, allowing never before experienced integration between mobile phone and the automobile.

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No doubt Google has its sights set on just such an integration with their rival Chrome operating system with the recent addition of voice activated search. But Apple leads the way on what promises to be a very popular, and potentially lucrative, cross marketing scheme involving two of the most visible outward signs of affluence and hipster cool.

The CarPlay system, hyped in the video embedded below, has the advantage of being instantly familiar to iOS customers, with virtually all of the useful features, including Maps, Messaging, Music and, of course, mobile calling.

The system will also incorporate the Siri search feature, allowing hands free voice searching, touch screen control or button and keypad manual override.

CarPlay should actually be one of the best driving innovations inside the cabin to come along in decades because of the seamless experience which is not confined to strictly hands free dialing.

Implementing Apple Launches CarPlay with all of its features could even give the busy executive on the go a chance to catch up on some work heading in or out of the office.

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