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iPhone Battery Draining Fast? Here’s Why And How To Fix It

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iphone battery draining fast

iPhone Battery Draining Fast? Here’s Why And How To Fix It from Let’s start

1. You are not limiting location services

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location services

iphone location services

Here you can see a complete list of apps that are using GPS to identify your location which might be useful for an app like “Find my iPhone”. But the rest of the apps don’t need GPS and are draining your iPhone’s battery.

2. Turn off Fetch New Data

Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Fetch New Data > Manually

There are strong chances that your iPhone is fetching your e-mails, updating automatically for new mails, calendars reminders, and contacts update and it takes a lot of battery.

How to turn off fetch new data

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3. Turn Off Background App Refresh

The description it self is telling you what you need to do.

Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Toggle It Off or Individual Services/Apps Off

How To Turn Off Background App Refresh

4. Turn Off Auto Updates

This phone automatically updates applications and downloads from iTunes & App Store. This can drain your phone’s battery life, it would be worth turning it off.

Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Toggle Updates Off

How To Turn Off Auto Updates

5. Screen Brightness

Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Tone it down a bit.

Screen Brightness

To minimize screen brightness your smartphone, You have to flick up from the bottom of the screen, and while you’re at it, turn off Auto-Brightness.

6. Use Airplane Mode

Remember, when ever you’re in a low coverage zone, your battery will drain faster. Because your phone drains battery when searching for coverage.

Just swipe up to tape the airplane button

Use Airplane Mode - iphone battery draining fast

7. Turn Off Bluetooth and WiFi

Make sure you don’t use the cell network unless you have to. Switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, when you’re not using them — because in background, apps and services will attempt to use your Wi-Fi. same in case of Bluetooth.

Swipe up to bring up the control centre then turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

How to turn off Bluetooth and wifi

8. Spot Light Search

Settings > General > Spotlight Search

Spot Light Search - iphone battery draining fast

Spotlight is the index of your iPhone , which uses batteries. You might not use it regularly

9. Turn Off AirDrop

This feature lets users to connect and share files with other devices on the same network. Chances are , you don’t use it, and it drains battery because it’s constantly searching for other devices.

Swipe up to bring up the Control Center and turn off AirDrop

How to turn off airdrop - iphone battery draining fast

10. Push Notifications

Settings > Notification Centre > Switch Show in Notification Centre Off for each app.

iphone battery draining fast - Push Notifications

These are the notifications you receive after an app update

if your iPhone battery still draining fast after you try all of way, i think you must go Apple customer service around you to find other alternatives.

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