How To Prevent iPhone Battery Meltdowns

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How To Prevent iPhone Battery Meltdowns

How To Prevent iPhone Battery Meltdowns – Two new reports in the news reignite the old story of how an iPhone battery suddenly goes up in smoke.

What’s happening and how can it be prevented?

By far, the stranger of the two news reports comes from the Czech Republic, where two people claimed they noticed their phone cases had split. Opening them revealed that the Lithium-Ion polymer battery inside had “ballooned up” and broke the case apart.

This is perhaps the more troubling story, as the smoking battery is the far more common complaint. The report indicated there was no smoke or fire. Apple is said to be investigating this new phenomenon, so more on that as details come in.

The less worrisome, but far more common news item, concerns an 8th grader in Maine who admits she accidentally sat on her phone after putting it in her back pocket.

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Obviously, that should never be done, if it’s at all avoidable. And, applying that kind of pressure and force is enough to make any smart phone break apart. It’s just that kind of thing that appears to be at the root of most iPhone battery meltdown reports.

Apple includes some warning in their instructions, but, does anybody ever really read those? In any case, Apple warns consumers to avoid “Overheating, Overcharging or Applying large amounts of pressure to the device.”

The best way How to prevent iPhone battery Meltdowns or fire is to take a few simple precautions, which also add up to a lot of plain old common sense. Which means most of us ignore them.

Basically, always use the DC charger which comes with the phone. Don’t leave the phone plugged into an electrical outlet longer than necessary. When the green light comes on, disconnect the device. Lastly, never stick your phone in a back pocket.

But, if you must, then…

“Don’t sit on it!”

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