Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717 Review

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Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717

Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717 – Popularly understood as the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Samsung Note SGH-I717 mobile phone is an effective part tablet, part smart-phone. This smart-phone features a built-in inner memory that’s expandable by 32 GB and up to a total of 40 GB using the addition of outside microSD memory cards. The Samsung Note operates on the Android os 2.3 Gingerbread running system and is driven by a 1.5 GHz double core processor, which runs on a GSM quad-band system, supporting 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz bands, since well as LTE, double band 4 and 17 UTMS. It’s capable of both 3G and 4G information transfer rates.

Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717 Display

The Galaxy Note’s crowning glory is its 5.3-inch HD Super display screen with its 1,280×800-pixel quality (that’s WXGA, by the method). Samsung’s family members of AMOLED display technology constantly appears bright, vivid, and saturated in color. The Note’s behemoth is pretty comparable, though pixel thickness showed up a bit lower and the picture had been significantly softer and less bright than on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which additionally features an HD Super AMOLED display. Photos seemed alive and sharp, movies played right back smoothly on the big, high-def display, and e-books had been easier to read than on smaller smart-phone shows.

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The remainder of the phone appears a great deal like other individuals in the Galaxy S II family members. You’ll discover a 2-mega-pixel front-facing camera above the display screen; below it, here are the four customary touch-sensitive navigation buttons for Menu, Home, right back, and Search. The amount rocker is on the remaining spine, and the energy key is on the right. On the base reside the Micro-USB charging you the hollowed-out and port slot for the Note’s S Pen stylus. You can connect your headphones into the 3.5mm jack up top. If you are concerned about losing information technology, the S Pen clicks securely into destination and remains here.

As using the intercontinental variation of the Note, AT&T’s Note packs an 8-mega-pixel digital camera with flash. The microSD card slot beneath the back cover keeps up to 32GB of your items.

Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717 Review

As a reminder, right here are some things you can do with TouchWiz: pull down the notifications menu to access system settings; pinch the screen to see a review of your seven customizable house displays; and period through them crazy-fast by keeping down and swiping along the line of dots. On the Note, you can even take a screen-shot by swiping the side of your hand left and appropriate across the display. The latter didn’t constantly work seamlessly and may take a small getting utilized to. Information technology believed a small abnormal to me, and I also can’t see myself making use of that technique, but having an additional method to perform a task never ever hurts. (You can even capture a screen-shot by pushing the Home and energy buttons, or by making use of the S Pen.)

Screen-shot-swiping isn’t the only motion that Samsung included. Rotate your hand over a Gallery picture and the picture will turn, too. Shake the unit to trigger a research for Bluetooth products. Then there’s my favorite: flip the phone over or push your hand over its face to pause video clip or track, or mute an inbound call. They’re all clever, fun methods to communicate using the product in addition to the typical finger-tap settings.

Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717 S Pen Stylus and Memo Apps

Now let’s proceed to the phone’s most controversially thrilling facet: that stylus. Physically, it’s a wisp of a thing, simply 4.1 inches high and 0.2 inch dense, with a key on the part that serves as a shortcut to perform a handful of tasks. The S Pen is fairly comfortable in the hand, but it’s therefore light and slim (simply 0.1 ounce, rounded up) that keeping it often seems like grasping at atmosphere. There’s additionally the distinct chance that when it’s unsheathed, it’d be simple to misplace or drop.

The memo apps are where most of the imaginative action takes place. Touch twice on the display screen while keeping straight down the S Pen switch to pull up fast Memo, a quick method to begin jotting a note. You can later on recover the memo from the much more advanced S Memo application. Both allow you draw, handwrite notes, and annotate online sites; S Memo additionally supports voice tracks and typed text, for example, but it won’t start from the pen. Apps optimized for the S Pen smartly react to 128 various levels of force. Harder shots leave thicker outlines, and you can push lighter for shading.

Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717 Other Features

The apps provide a great option to the rigidity of typing, and system integration is fairly great. For instance, you can include a handwritten fast Memo note to a schedule occasion. You can compose using the S Pen in almost all text industries; you switch that on whenever you tap the pen symbol on the Samsung keyboard. Composing is a bit strange at very first, since there’s some lag in seeing your shots look on the display. While we barely have actually the world’s many elegant handwriting, the S Pen made it look also much more scrawled. Information technology takes a small time to select up specific navigation shortcuts and work your method through the different apps; I discovered myself becoming frustrated at the start, and anticipate that I’ll adjust as we develop much more utilized to the environment Samsung Service Center.

One of the Galaxy Note’s many important smartphone features is its 4G LTE radio, which makes it one of AT&T’s faster phones for uploading and getting information. It’s additionally got Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS; text and multimedia messaging; and Android’s penchant for integrating social systems into your practically unlimited target guide.

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