The Wocket is a new Kind of Digital Wallet

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wocket wallet

Wocket – In this day of instant, digital, safe and convenient cash transfers, it’s time to rethink the lowly wallet.

And, a Biometrics company by the name of NXT-ID aims to do just that with a new product they call the Wocket, which will be available some time later this year.

How does it work?

According to the inventors, “Rather than replace a wallet as many ‘digital wallet’ technologies attempt to do, we chose to improve the wallet. Unlike other digital wallet solutions that depend on connectivity to choose a payment account, Wocket does not depend upon the cloud to select or make a payment.”


Basically, in laymen’s terms, it’s everything you carry in your wallet right now, except it offers the kind of convenience and security sadly lacking in the leather model of old, all in pin-protected, voice activated, digital encryption.

Which means it’ll hold even more useless business cards.

The brilliant twist behind the new concept is the reprogrammable bank card, which stores all your financial info, loading it up as needed to the included, blank debit card when you’re ready to swipe at the counter.

As long as it hears the sound of your voice or recognizes your other preprogrammed security protocols, that is.

The Wocket is also a nifty personal organizer, able to store info usually found on those pesky business cards and hastily scribbled matchbook covers, as well as keep track of transactions and receipts, a much more practical solution than stuffing them into the glove compartment.

NXT-ID is a little vague on the exact date of the Wocket product launch. So the demise of the trusty old wallet won’t happen until sometime later this year.

That should give merchants a little more time to get used to the sight of customers talking to their wallets in the checkout line.

The funny thing is, there doesn’t seem to be a place to keep a little extra cash.

Cash? What’s that?

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